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Press conference of the Luxembourg government of 21.12.2020 on the renewed shut-down:

The Luxembourg government has announced a partial extension of tax return deadlines for 2019 and 2020. For the 2019 corporate income tax return, there is the prospect of administrative concessions and a waiver of the imposition of late payment penalties. Unfortunately, VAT has not yet been mentioned.

State of the Nation Address 2020 of 13.10.2020:

In his State of the Nation address, Xavier Bettel rejected a comprehensive tax reform for the coming year. However, he has announced tax changes on the following points:

  • Taxation of share deals:
    • Increase of the "real estate transfer tax" on the contribution of real estate against the issue of shares.
    • Taxation of income from Luxembourg real estate held directly or indirectly (via tax transparent companies or constructions/FCPs) by Luxembourg SIFs at 20% (net rents, capital gains)
    • Prohibition to hold SPF real estate indirectly (via tax-transparent companies or constructions/FCP)
  • Abolition of the preferential wage/income taxation of benefits in kind from financial instruments (so-called "warrant schemes") as of 2021
  • Legal regulation of the so-called "Impatriates" regime to promote the international recruitment of qualified employees by means of tax incentives